2014 - Is this Menswear?

Posted by Iain Russell on

2014 was the year it happened. My first season was fall winter 2013 and though that positive reception the ship had set sail. 2014 was a crazy fucking year. I quit my job at a whim. I had a fashion collection I really wanted to see come to fruition. Thus I made the sceptial decision to open a retail location to essinatly stock my own clothing. If no one was going to book my minimum order I guess I would. Although this also required me to face the facts that I wasn't really a real business let along a sustainable fashion line. Although we barely had enough funds to do some 2015 production 2014 was the year I was able to present as whole of a collection. It was a time where I did get to see my creative ideas flood to the surface. I lived my gesamtkunstwerk I not only designed the clothing but the space to put them in. I was in total creative control. I also then had to face the fact that time and place are not always aligned with creative vision.