2015 - Writing on the Wall

Posted by Iain Russell on

2015 was a really hard year when I start to look back. It really was when the reality of being a business owner started to hit home. Although, in time I have come to love the phrase creative comes when constraints are applied. At the time I was frustrated and feeling a little lost. The year came with an early decision to make more oxford shirts and sweatshirts. Hindsight of course I would perhaps have pivoted away from oxfords and gone more into casual wear with sweatshirts, tee shirts and the like. The change in design to a simple sweatshirt is one of my prouder design business moments as those did prove to be the best selling item in the store. And the oxford did see the addition of a pocket (which it should have had in the first place). As constraints became more applied there was decisions to produce clothing and not take a pay check, not eat dinner, not pay rent, to be creative. The simple lack of resources pushed some more creative elements. I started working with a sewing machine to make simple items. Worked with my uncle Matt DiCastri to do some printed tee shirts. The fall winter season of 2015 brought a series of flannel shirts that were fairly well received and helped keep the lights on just that little bit longer.