2016 - The end of Is this Menswear?

Posted by Iain Russell on

2016 marked the last year I designed clothing. Although there were some printed tee shirts I included them in the 2015 collection as they spiturally belong there. The fleece collection was the first time I returned to the fabric since the original 2013 collection. I was really excited to see the similar bonded fabric that would give me contract to play with. The colour options were strong with the teal/ grey and black/ grey being very nice to work with. The jacket was inspired by the jacket liners from an m-65 field coat. Also guaranteeing it would work as a mid layer for the 2014 field coats. The long sleeve was inspired by stone island pieces with outer branding on the sleeve and a curved hem to give a little extra coverage. In fit these piece were amazing and I couldn't have been happier with that. I do wish I did less crazy colour flips and held that to just one style as I wish I just had a simple black version in both pieces. But atlast fashion is fashion. the summer of 2016 I did a fair amount of sewing in the shop producing tote bags and various other carry-alls. Guess I was just ahead of the plastic bag ban. The last month of the store saw a special edition printed tee shirt. Another piece I wish I just did a simple breast crest to make it a bit more wearable and accessible.