Top 10 picks ups of 2021

Top 10 picks ups of 2021


Salomon Index.01 

Coming in at number 10 is a shoe that I was so happy to pick up at the start of 2021. The Salomon Index.01 is a completely recyclable shoe. The upper can be removed and recycled with plastics. The lower sole can be sent back to Salomon to be used in ski boots. The shoes came with a registration card for this process. I am all for companies finding new ways to look at the design process that include the life cycle of the product. And as a consumer we vote with our purchases. And as someone who wants my clothing choices to reflect my values I am happy to support these design choices. 


Eden Power Corp. Basics 

I have fallen so deeply in love with Eden Power Corp. A Canadian company based out of Montreal. Their basics bring a simple joy to my life. I have collected several of their basic short and long sleeved tee shirts. Some of their items are just so good you might even see them higher up on this list 😉 


Salomon xt-4 tie dye 

*sound of bong being hit* Ahhh yeah. It's no secret that I love some tie dye. A friend sent me these on instagram and yes I checked out instantly. I love the Salomon xt-4 and have a few pairs now. Living somewhere dominated by outdoor culture. I love mixing this trail focused shoe in an urban context. As shown by several picks on this list I have a thing for wearing high level outdoor gear on the city streets. And these cross that bondary perfectly.   



And wander down coat

Was I just talking about wearing high level outdoor wear on city streets. Fitting in perfectly with that is the number 7 on this list my And Wander down coat. NOW. The most amazing part of this coat is how the pattern uses two different stitch patterns from front to back. The front being cross hatched and the back being horizontal/ vertical. I love this detail as 99% of people will never notice this or care. But for that 1% of us who love the details this is it. And all made in Japan.



Ostrya Shell 

There was a time not so long ago where outerwear garments were made in Canada. I really wanted just a simple Arc’Teryx shell and when I looked at what they provided it was a jacket made in Myanmar. Now when I make a purchase I do try to limit the funding I provide to military junta’s. Well, thankfully there is an amazing technical outerwear company out of Montreal making top level garments. I have been so happy with my Ostrya Shell and it has for sure been tested in some serious west coast rains. Such a great pick up if only they would make a version with all the colours.  



South2 West8 camo suit

A little bit of a two for one here. I saw the pants for this first and instantly picked them up. I love mixed matched fabrics and I love camo. This is kind of cool as there are different jungle camos in the mix from the USA duck camo, UK jungle, USA Tiger, and East German rain. Solid work from South2 West8 and all made in Japan. A perfect set for standing out and continuing the blending of camouflage in an ever growing police state.   



Engineered Garments Floral Racing Suit

Lights out and away we go. Now owning the Engineered Garments floral denim suit I have has been a simple pleasure of my life. And when I saw this version in a full racing suit I knew I needed to pick this up. It's a bit of a show stopper on it's own and honestly as fun as it is to have people notice you - I really love wearing it layered up.  



Concepts X Birkenstock 

Basically my last purchase of the year. I got a message from a friend that was like hey you better check these out. Now I have a Birkenstock Boston tattoo - these are the greatest shoes ever made. And these are just something else. Done in a magenta pink felt, white sole, and the natural leather strap… Ohhhhhh weeeeeee. And these are like a unicorn of Birks. Nice work Concepts on this collaboration as these are perfection. 



Engineered Garments Floral Jacket

I had the pants for a while at this point and I knew there was a matching jacket. This set is my favourite thing to wear. It is my personality in clothing. I wear it with a hoodie, I wear it with a tee shirt, It fits different moods. It's a floral embroidered denim suit    



Eden Power corp. hoodie(s)

It was hard not to pick the things I wear everyday at number one. I got one Eden sweatshirt in 2020 and I have never loved any other hoodies as much as these. The fabric is made from recycled denim and is the best wearing cotton fleece I have ever come across in my search for the best sweatshirts available.