Top 10 looks of 2020/21

Top 10 looks of 2020/21

 Its tough picking out a top 10 from 2020/2021 - But here we are and I have picked out 10 looks or photos from the last year of Is this Menswear to share and make some comments on! 

Date: August 20 2020
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Shoes: Sacai X Nike 
Pants: Engineered Garments
Sweatshirt: Needles 
Jacket: M-65 Military Surplus 

I really love this image - An ode to the hippy culture of the past - the tie dye with the military camo, the floral pants with a peace sign. Yet the ever pressing reality of having a mask on us. 2020 was a weird year in our world. 

Date: July 13 2021
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Shoes: Sacai X Nike
Pants: Engineered Garments 
Overshirt: Bode

My love of patchwork continued to evolve this year. From hunting down the other colours in Engineered Garments pants - to being obsessed over interesting and unique fabrics. Or something like the Sacai Nikes mixing up the familiar concepts to shed light on new approaches. 

Date: May 30 2021
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Shoes: Birkenstock 
Pants: Engineered Garments
Jacket: Engineered Garments
Shirt: Eden Power Corp.

I got the pants of this set in 2020 I knew of the jacket existing and I ended up tracking it down from a store in Australia. This set is so much fun to wear - people stop me on the street and tell me it looks great. Its clothing like this that reminds me why I love this all. It's fun to wear, it's fun to look at, and it's fun to think of wearing.  

Date: October 16 2020
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Shoes: Nike X Cav Empt
Pants: Cav Empt
Shirt: Cav Empt 
Jacket: Cav Empt

Login not accepted - in a world dominated by technology its always nice to bring a little digital world to reality. Cav Empt is a Japanese streetwear brand that has a strong focus on the relationship between our physical and digital worlds. This captcha inspired pant and shirt set stand out while also are sadly regular in our world. 

Date: November 24 2020
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And sometimes we are reminded that clothing matters little. Is posting photos of outfits art? Is posting what you wear for a year art? What is art? Is photography an art? Whats the difference of a self portrait or a selfie? Who owns the images we create. 

Date: November 27 2020
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Shirt: Comme Des Garçon 
Jacket: Is this Menswear?

Sometimes nothing is in focus. Documenting something everyday really explores space around how somedays you don't feel like creating. Whats the point no ones paying me for this, does anyone even care? I feel this way often but don't often explore those in a story. This day I just felt like everything was out of focus - but focus is a perspective so somewhere something is always in focus. 

Date: February 13 2021
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Shoes: Hoka X Engineered Garments 
Pants: Engineered Garments 
Sweatshirt: Eden Power Corp.
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Engineered Garments

 Menswear is all about layers. I love the mix of textures from the wool coat to the down vest with the cotton hoody peaking out. Paired with the super fun Hoka x EG shoes with the somewhat matching patchwork pants. This is so much of what I like about menswear and fashion in general a fun look comprised of some really quality designed and made items. 

Date: December 18 2020
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Shoes: Salomon X Organic Zip Lab
Pants: Engineered Garments
Jacket: And Wander

I feel like outdoor wear is kind of having its moment currently. Well shown with these shoes which are a collaboration with the instagram account Organic Zip Lab and outdoor company Salomon. Pair with that is my favourite outdoor focused brand And Wander - a Japanese company that makes a majority of their products in Japan. Providing extremely well designed and made garments that fit in well within the urban west coast environment. 

Date: July 2 2021
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Shoes: Salomon
Pants: South2 West8
Jacket: South2 West8

A patchwork camo suit look. Again another one of I got the pants first and knew the jacket existed so had to pull the trigger and get another nice little suit look. I love the various camo patterns getting flipped around on this one. Including Bulgarian rain camo, US tiger camo, US Duck camo, and UK Jungle camo. Doesn't pull in the comments like the floral suit does but none the less fun to wear! 

Date: June 13 2021
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Shoes: Vans
Pants: Engineered Garments Workaday
Fleece: Is this Menswear?

Its tough to reflect on the year - for me its like opening up a journal and reading all the pages again. Life is rarely easy but somehow clothes really help me get though the days, weeks, months, and years. I always think of the stories the clothes carry, the places they've been, the moments they share with me. Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to check this out! 


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