Retail Design

1014 Meares Street Victoria British Columbia Canada - the traditional home of the Lək̓ʷəŋən People

This was the home of Is this Menswear? - As a designer, I wanted to control how the product would be featured. I wanted to control the experience customers had with the product and the greater community. We were the only storefront on the block. We provided art, a garden, a bench, and a place people could visit. We hosted art shows and events. Although it didn't last long it was special. It provided young people a place to learn and grow. It spoke towards a bigger trend in questioning where your products come from and why you should need them in your life. It was designed to be fun - to be reminded of the idea that we should keep having fun. The structural steel beams painted in primary colours, the clouded ceiling, and the cube displays, are all a nod to a youthful mind that changes and adapts to the seasons. Material choices were Canadian first from western red cedar beams, straw composite flooring, and Canadian plywoods. The outer succulent garden was completed by Christian Barnard, and the mural was done by local artist Cameron Kidd.

Thank you to everyone who made the space what it was.